How To Get A Fast Fair Offer For Your House 

In Waco, Texas Today!

Complete This Form For A Fast, Fair Cash Offer On Your House In Waco, Texas

Zimmerman Properties LLC buys any houses in any condition in Waco, Texas - For a fast, fair offer complete this online form.

Our process is very simple to follow. Either you fill out the secure online form or call us with the information regarding your house for sale. Call us at 254-267-0444

There is no obligation. After doing some homework on your house, we decide if your asking price is something we want to pursue. 

We do not pay full retail value for your home if you want a fast cash closing. However, we can pay significantly higher fair price if you are willing to owner finance the house or flexible with the terms. 

We then send you a written or digital contract in your email. If you accept, we send the contract to our title company, and our attorney. 

Most of times we can close in as few as 14 days. You don’t have to come to the closing if you live out of town or can’t get off work. 

We can have all the paperwork overnighted to you. One of the great things about us buying your home is we can buy your house in “AS IS” condition. This means you don’t have to clean, make costly repairs or even paint. 

We don’t use banks or mortgage companies so we can buy homes in Waco area, price range or condition. It also means someone else is not in charge of whether your home closes. We are the buyers and decision makers.

Call us at 254-267-0444 Let's get your private offer.


Sell Your Waco, Texas House Today! To sell your Waco, Texas house today and get a fast, fair offer in the next 24 hours, Simply click get private offer button ...You can get an ALL CASH offer on your house "AS IS" today! As soon as you complete the form on this page and we will contact you with an offer to buy your house right away. We will call you shortly - Thanks!

We are experienced real estate investors in Waco, Texas and specialize in off-market properties.

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